Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hard Disk Problem

My barely 2-year old HP desktop just went crazy the other week leaving me with no choice but to reformat it. At first I was trying to system restore it but it would not carry the operation.

I have no choice but to reformat the computer but I was able to save some of the files that I have. Fortunately, I also have a backup files on my EHD (external hard drive) where most of my photos and files are there. If I didn't back up, for sure I will be crying crazy.

Just the other day, this message appears before me and oh I'm not prepared for this.. yay! My desktop is barely 2 years old and I've been taking care of it the whole time, telling my niece who likes to tinker with it to refrain from downloading or doing some other stuff there.

I have my pc checked yesterday and it seems that my pc can't be repaired anymore. My technician told me to just use it till the hard disk will no longer work.. wahhh.. I just hope it will work fine for more months or maybe years because I don;t want to shell out money at this point..

This is the message that is appearing from time to time.... time is ticking yay!

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