Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Mom is a Handy Woman

When it comes to home maintenance, my mom is the queen; a handy woman as well since dad is not here anymore. I commend her for doing some guy’s works despite her age but of course she asks help from our helper especially if the work is already heavy for her. There are days when we need to do a major house cleaning as she can’t stand filthiness. You’ll hear from her if she knows you’re sluggish on doing the right thing. We don’t mind it at times because we know it is for our own good.

Anyway, weekend is coming once again and have you noticed that the days are coming so quickly? I’m going to the grocery tomorrow to buy some disinfectants like Lysol and even maxforce fc magnum roach killer because we’ve scheduled to do a thorough cleaning on the garage over the weekend because we saw some roaches already. Yikes! Mom told us to clean the area, so we have no choice but to do it.

Speaking of house maintenance, the lights on our back yard and on the other side of our garage is already dim so we need to change the bulbs there. You know we need to change them as it is scary at night here in our area. I just hope I can find the perfect lighting accessories over the weekend. maintenance is actually endless; when something got broken another one will follow.

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