Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Need a New Van!

With the upcoming travels that we will be having this December, we definietly need a new van already. The old Toyota van that we have already have lots of problems. We can't just buy a car for we need a bigger and spacious vehicle that can carry almost all of us when we travel out of town.

Right now my older bro is on the lookout for a new second hand van and we wanted a newer model and probably a much bigger space than we had before. He’s been looking online but I guess we need a big budget if we want something more big and new. If only we can afford a mercedez benz van that I saw but with our limited budget I reckon we can only settle for a Toyota one. There was one time when bro and mom make an ocular inspection of a vehicle but the registration papers are not that “clean” so they opted not to buy it.

You know these days, we have to be careful because we can’t erase the fact that they are vehicles who are carnapped being sold by some crooks. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wait.. I need to play the lottery.. I might win.. hehe!

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