Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday Celebrants in the Family

September is a month with the most of  birthday celebrants in our family. My older brother is quick to notice that he is not included in the layout that I made lol. So, all in all  there are 4 celebrants.

Sept. 3- Joji, my older brother
Sept. 18 - Kukay, my niece
Sept. 25 - Kathleen, my niece
Sept. 26 - Karlo, my nephew - his birth date (26th) is so memorable because 4 years ago (2009) a massive flood brought about by  typhoon ONDOY left massive sufferings, destruction on properties and many people dead.

My nieces and nephew are all college graduate now and starting to have their own careers now in their chosen fields. I wish them all good luck.

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