Monday, September 30, 2013

Insure the Safety of your Kids at Playgrounds

A familiar sight in many neighborhood is that of a strong and adequate swing set in the back yard of a home or in a park that has just one problem: the hardware and swings are broken and unsafe. No parent wants his or her child to risk life and limb on a structure such as that, so the playground or swing set is unused and children spend lovely sunny days inside without exercise or fun.

Many neighborhoods have joined to upgrade the playgrounds in their area, repair and replace unsafe hardware, and replace swing seats with new ones. Try a high back full bucket swing for young toddlers and older babies. They can have supervised fun while their siblings take advantage of the rest of the playground. A plastic horse glider swing could be a great deal of fun and a spur to the imagination. What child hasn't dreamed of galloping a pony chasing bad guys or racing down the oval track? This comes close without having the expense of maintaining a horse.

Look at the swing set in your own back yard. Replacing swings and hardware would allow that set to serve for grandchildren now that your children have grown. You could be planning to sell your home. If so, repairing and replacing components of the swing set could lure a family to purchase your home. The repairs and replacements are relatively inexpensive when you find swing set swings at

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