Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthday, Flight and a New Work

It was my niece's 22nd birthday yesterday and her flight back to Riyadh as well. She graduated from college this summer with a degree in Multi-media arts in one of the top universities here in the country. I have seen how she studied well eventhough she's staying at the dorm just near their univ.

Her parents are so happy that finally she earned her college degree and ready to face new chapter of her life by working and putting all her acquired knowledge to her work. She wasn't able to work here in the country but since she went to Riyadh to be with her parents, she'll also work as a graphic artist in a big hospital there where her mom is also working.

This will be a good experience for her and since her parents are also there, I don;t think she will get bored or miss Pinas that much. I'm just wishing her good luck and may all her aspirations in life will come true. She has lots of plans and dreams for her career and her life and I hope she'll always make good decisions, if not, may all her faults be a lesson in life.

This is my simple layout that I made for her birthday.

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