Thursday, September 19, 2013

Marriage and Divorce

Nothings beats having a complete family where couples with or without children are living harmoniously under one roof. However, couples may fall out of love, may have different views, opinions and things that they can't peacefully settle so they have no choice but to separate or in the end get a divorce. No matter what are their reasons for getting a divorce it's their decision to end the marriage.

Marriage is a sacred union but things are sometimes beyond our control that may result to unfavorable end to this union. For a country with no divorce law yet like our country, only annulment and separation will be the best solution if they really want to get out of their marriage.

In the U.S., divorce is really nothing new for we can always hear those celebrities getting married and were together for just few years or months and end up getting a divorce so quickly. It is sad to see the divorce rates in the U.S. is getting high as what the infographic below is telling us and I reckon it's not what other married couples want their relationship to end.

Graphic Source

I believe in the sanctity of marriage but if for some reason the marriage is really on the rocks and both parties have already tried to solve their marital problems, divorce can be the answer especially if physical or verbal abuse are already evident in their relationship. It's even hard to stay in a marriage where there is no more respect, love and trust but I just hope and pray that no more families will be broken because separation and divorce are really a tough decision and emotionally draining for a lot of couple involve.

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