Monday, October 28, 2013

Can't wait for Christmas!

Christmas is only less than 60 days and we're actually getting excited already. Why not? Two of my siblings together with their families will be coming from overseas to spend their holidays here. It only means that we'll have a grand family reunion and hope God will permit that to happen.

We'll be planning on doing some fun activities and tour and we're praying we'll all have the best of health in those days. Actually, my mom is also trying to prepare all the rooms that my sisters and family will use. Mom is busy repairing some of the beds, buying stuff for the house and figuring out some more ways to make the rooms more spacious for we intend of letting them stay at the house when they arrive to spare them from staying at the hotel. It will also make us bond well since we'll be staying in 2 houses so we're all close to each other.

Mom bought a new electric fan and will have the other broken one repaired. I accidentally browsed and it reminds me that mom still needs some supplies for the repair of the roof. I know she'll ask me to help her on that one so she can buy some stuff that our helper can use.

I also saw the Christmas decors in the storage room just this afternoon and probably around middle of November or earlier than that, we can already decorate.

What about you? Are you excited for Christmas to arrive soon?

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