Monday, October 28, 2013

Blessed at 81

Nothing is more wonderful in this life when you see your mom celebrates her 81st birthday. My mom feel so blessed to have reached her age. Each day is a blessing and new beginning for her and we are always thankful for that.

Mom is quite healthy eventhough she has hypertension, which is I reckon is normal in old age. She's just taking her daily med for her high blood pressure and thankfully it's been controlled. Though she also has some stones in her gallbladder she's not feeling any pain for a long time now. We're praying that those stones will normally go away or melt with the grace of God. She's not keen o having it removed for she fear the surgery might weaken her.

She's enjoying her seniors years right now, going shopping or window shopping esp. this month since it's her birthday. She LOVES all kinds of fruits and veggies that's why I guess she's healthy and look young for her age.

I'm praying and wishing for my mom's good health and may she continue to be blessed by God. A very generous, handy woman (as we call her too), giving even to others, caring and loving to all of us.

Happy birthday mom!!! Praying for more candles to blow!
Mom celebrated her 81st birthday on October 18th.


  1. Happy bday to your mom po and I wish her a good health and more blessing to come not only for her but also on your way po..


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