Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Videoke Singing

From time-to-time, I get to see my young niece singing while she was playing with her dolls and my little pony toys. I am positive that it gives her much joy when she sings while she plays and it only shows that she is enjoying her play time. There are also some time when she opens their DVD to sing the videoke and it was funny because she keeps on singing the same song all the time that I had to tell her to pick another song. lol.

Every Christmas or New Year, we see to it that we have a videoke machine so we can sing while we wait for the new year to come or just to have fun during Christmas time. It never fails to give us joy when we get to sing as a family.

I can still remember one New Year's eve when all of my nieces and nephews got so rowdy in a funny way because they are singing a rock song. I was laughing heavily and non-stop while taking a video of them.
New Year's Eve videoke night

This year, we're still planning to rent a videoke machine maybe on New Year celebration for I know my family loves to sing.

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