Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Places to Look for Home Design Inspiration

Designing your own home can be fantastic. You’re free to decide on everything – from the colours of the walls to the tiniest details imaginable. For a creative person, this is the ideal way to design a home. The do-it-yourself route provides a blank canvas – just waiting for ideas. Sometimes, however, the depth of inspiration needed can be overwhelming. You find yourself at a loss, with absolutely no idea where to start. Well, there are some wonderful places where you can find inspiration for your home.

Have a look, and see if any of these five places do it for you.

Take a Drive:

One of the best ways to get an idea of what you want in your new home is to go for a drive somewhere. Have a look on the map, and find some nice countryside nearby. It’s best to escape the city if possible, as the countryside will generally provide you with a broader range of houses to look at. Take a camera with you, and take some quick snaps of any houses you like. This way you can go back to them later. You can even mix and match qualities of the different houses you liked.

Look at Some Blogs:

There are blogs for everything nowadays, and this includes designing your own home. Have a thorough search – don’t just stick to the first few result on Google. Do your research into blogs, and you may find some that surprise you. Many people have themed their blogs around home design, and will provide you with ideas, as well as some handy tips they have learned along the way. Don’t shy away from looking online for inspiration, maybe an example like Coral Homes is what you’re looking for.


You may be hoping to steer clear of the traditional home design catalogues, but keep in mind that they are there to inspire you. You may flick through without the slightest intention of purchasing anything, but find something in the way that the rooms are built, or the colour of the walls. Yes, the internet provides a much larger range of material, but don’t forget about the catalogues. Your perfect house will be inspired by a combination of different sources.

Friends and Family:

Next time you’re visiting family and friends, pay close attention to the design of their homes. Chances are that there are aspects of the house you didn’t pick up before. And only now, when you are looking for inspiration to design your own home, will they really stand out.


There are some wonderful shows on television that can inspire your home design – think Escape to the Country. But it’s not necessarily a matter of watching more television, just paying closer attention when you do. Use it as a way of researching different homes. You will see several different styles, modern, Victorian and so on. Don’t overthink it when trying to find sources of inspiration for your home. The chances are that the material is all there, and you have yet to notice it. Pay closer attention the homes that you visit and see in magazines and catalogues. For more information about designing your own home visit Coral Homes Australia.

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