Friday, November 8, 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Hits Philippines

In the last 2 days our weather bureau PAG-ASA has been telling that a super typhoon names YOLANDA with an international name of HAIYAN will  hit our country today Nov. 8 and it will directly hit Visayan region. All the local government are advised to tell their constituents about this typhoon and to advise them to evacuate if possible because it has strong winds.

Just last night, a lot of provinces that will be directly affected or not have announced no classes on some levels to avoid possible casualty. Our own province is under storm signal no. 2 this morning and classes on all levels are suspended.

True enough, this morning the center of the typhoon hits Tacloban City and I saw in the news at how strong the winds are. The rain floods also rose in half hour or so. There are many families living in near seaside and they are forced to evacuate.

As of this writing, Yolanda has moved or landed in Metro Manila and I can hear the gusty winds right now. I'm praying for all the safety of my countrymen because this is believed to be the STRONGEST STORM in the world.

God Bless us and hope the typhoon will pass with not much destruction.

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