Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ceelin Plus Syrup for Kids

Few days ago, I received these CEELIN PLUS vitamin samples from UNILAB for my 10-yr. old niece to try. Actually, she's already drinking Ceelin vitamins for quite a while now so these are not really new to her.

Growing kids need a lot of nutritious foods but at times they don't get all the nutrients that they need to help them grow more and help protect them from diseases. This is where injections and vitamins come in to keep them healthy and active all the time. Just last October, the kids and I had our flu shots and it can help us from acquiring influenza especially during cold or when weather is erratic and changing from time-to-time.

Drinking vitamins like this Ceelin Plus syrup is a must for kids for it can help them to have stronger immune system and it will give them added supplement of Vitamin C and Zinc.
"Ceelin Plus uses the unique ZincPlusTM technology that combines Vitamin C and Zinc in a liquid format with improved vitamin C stability thus making Ceelin® Plus the only Vitamin C plus Zinc in liquid format containing stabilized Vitamin C. Such combination results in a dual immunity boosting action and a stronger immune system."

The lil' girl had her dose (1-2 tsp. since she's already 10 yrs. old) and she's taking it every night. No wonder she is growing taller and I guess later on she'll outgrow me since she's only around 4 inches shorter than me now.. yay!
Thanks Unilab! She loves it!

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