Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beating the Cold Virus

The cold weather these days made a lot of people sick. Temps varying from 20’s- to the lowest of 15.+C  in Metro Manila and  C at Baquio and higher areas made a lot of Filipinos pull their jackets out of their closets. For a tropical country like ours with normal temperature of 30C almost every day, a sudden drop of temperature will be too cold already. The weather bureau said that this cold season will last till mid of March.

Though the very cold weather is a welcoming change for all of us, there is no doubt that many are still complaining because a lot of people are getting sick already. I never thought that I will be affected by the cold virus but when my niece got sick for a week due to colds and cough, I had already an insight that I might catch the virus. Indeed, after she got well, I started to sneeze and later on I got sick already.

I took some strepsils to ease the itchy throat that I am having while I also drowned myself drinking lots of warm Salabat (powdered ginger) with honey, calamansi juice and lots of water for I know I need to flush all the viruses inside my system. I also see to it that I cook warm soup dishes that can ease my clogged nose as well. I got cold feet and even had fever for almost 2 nights and I had to do the sponge bath on myself to lower down the high temp in my body and also to make me feel fresh.

A cold medicine (Neozep) also helped in my recovery and I remember the 2 nights that I have clogged nose that made me breathe through my mouth. Open-mouth while sleeping is so hard for it dries out my mouth and of course the air is not filtered unlike when it passes through my nose. Ahhh.. it was just so hard.

Right now, I recovered already and I was only sick (but not totally down) for almost 3 days because I made sure that I drink lots of fluid and eat right kinds of food. Ahhhh..... nasty virus, I hate you!!

If you have coughs and cold already, remember to drink lots of fluids, eat healthy foods and rest so you can recuperate fast just what happened to me.

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