Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Kids Love Music

Anyone knows a kid who doesn't like music? I bet you can't find one.

Play a music and any kids will dance in front of you with delight on their faces or may even hum a tune or sing a song. Kids enjoy music a lot because music is universal, it's everywhere. These days, a lot of kids shows play songs that make children sing and dance along with their fave cartoon character. A party is not complete without music too. Imagine a party without music and for sure it is soooo boring.

There are even pregnant women who play a lot of classical music like that of Mozart while their baby is still in their womb and this is also one of the reason why some kids developed a keen interest to music.. My own sister did this and true enough her daughter was interested in music and is not taking a course in music in Sydney. Most of the kids these days are exposed to music early on their life. Some parents even enrolled their kids to music schools during summer or school break once they see their child has an interest on music. Get a cheap hammond keyboard if you can afford and let your kids practice to hone their skills.

It's always fun to see kids enjoy what they love and as parents you have to encourage and support them as much as you can.

Music can also enhance creativity and learning, watch how kids or even adults work on something when there is a soothing music on the background. I have to say that I love hearing instrumental music when I need to focus on something or even when I need to write a long article.

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