Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding The Right Dress Shirt

Going to church? Upgrading your wardrobe for a promotion? You'll need good dress shirts to send the right message. Here are a few basic criteria for buying the right kind.

1: Choose A Color
Most people shop dress shirts when they're trying to look presentable, and if that's the case for you too, make sure you stick to neutrals or light pastels. You can go bolder if you want to be daring, but under no circumstances should you wear something lime green to a job interview.

2: Determine Your Size
High-end fashion doesn't go by small, medium and large. You'll need exact numbers for the width of your shoulders and the length of your arms. You can also have your dress shirt tailored for maximum style.

3: Consider Patterns
As staples of the professional wardrobe, most dress shirts are retailed in solid colors. Do a little digging, however, and you'll find everything from stripes to hints of plaid.

4: Think About Style
Standard fits are loose in the chest area and tapered on the sides, so you can wear them alone or with a vest; slim-cut dress shirts are tight all over, making them perfect for fitting under a suit.

5: Debate Your Fabric Choices
Do you want something strong and thickly-woven for the winter? Oxford shirts are your best bet. How about something light and breezy for summer? Cottons and linens are the way to go.

These are just five things to consider when choosing a dress shirt. They may be understated, but they're absolutely essential for a modern, professional look, so contact us to find the perfect shirts for you.

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