Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dog Care Tips For Beginners

Contrary to what so many people believe, it is not that easy to take care of a dog. It is a shame to notice the fact that various new dog owners do not actually know that much about dog care. It is not a good idea to offer a dog as a gift when the receiver does not know much about taking care of him.

The big problem is that different breeds have different needs. It is the pet owner’s obligation and duty to offer care and love. Basic dog care is the first step towards making sure that the pet will feel as happy as possible. If you recently bought a dog, received one as a gift or you want to get one, make sure that you remember the following.

Dog Collars And ID Tags
If you look at the remarks of the people at My Pawson, you will notice that there are so many that do not actually get ID tags when they get a dog. Never make such a mistake. Buy one and include your telephone number, address and the name of the dog on it. Also, buy a dog collar that is suitable for the breed and size of the dog you have.

Go To The Vet And Talk To Him
The first thing that you have to do when you get a new dog is take him to the vet. He needs to be checked up so that you are sure he is in proper health. Also, the vet will give you valuable advice about dog care and you have to take into account everything that is told during the initial check-up. Take the dog to the vet at least once per year. Vaccinations may be necessary.

Proper Shelter
Your dog needs to feel secure. If he runs outside, he needs a good doghouse. If he stays inside, he needs a good dog bed to call his own. A dog is a really clingy pet and will want companionship. Offering items that are his own and that he gets attached to is very important as this helps in feeling comfortable even when you are not around.

Proper Nutrition Basics

It is quite hard to know the basics of proper dog nutrition until you read about it. There are variations from one breed to the next but what is important is making sure that the dog has a balanced diet. This may include vitamin supplements. When the dog gets older, changes will have to be done. You do need to watch the dog’s weight as this is vital for proper health.

Dog Hygiene

This is obviously a main part of proper dog care. You have to learn how to clean the pet’s teeth, ears and eyes, whenever necessary. When abnormalities like discolorations or soreness appear, you have to go and visit your vet.

Dog Training Is A Must

While it is possible to train your dog alone, it is always a better idea to go to a very good dog trainer so that he can help you. Remember that a dog that is properly trained will actually feel better than one that is not. Dogs need discipline in their lives.

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