Friday, October 31, 2014

Buying Bloomer Shorts Online

Some little girls would rather wear dresses than shorts or pants. Wearing bloomer shorts under their dresses means they can stay modest while they climb around on playground equipment. Mothers who are shopping for bloomer shorts will find it convenient to shop at an online retailer that offers these shorts in a variety of colors and sizes. Sparkle Farms is one of these retailers.

Shoppers who are looking for shorts to be worn with school uniforms will find them in navy, black, white and gray. Sets of three pairs of shorts with navy, black and white shorts are available. Navy, black, white and gray shorts can also be purchased individually. Customers can also buy a set with three pairs of gray shorts.

Mothers who are looking for shorts to wear with play or party dresses can buy individual pairs of shorts in pink, purple, lilac, aqua or red. These shorts are all available in sets with three pairs of the same color.

Shorts are available in sizes 3 to 12.

Little girls will like the three sparkles that are on the cuff of every pair of these shorts. Elastic waists and no tags mean these shorts are not itchy. They are 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. The spandex helps them keep their shape.

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