Friday, October 24, 2014

Computers everywhere

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by the computer devices from all sides nowadays. From one point of view it is definitely a blessing for all of the users. Our life depends on computers in a very high extend. Electronic devices are guiding the trains, planes, ships. We use them every day to check the weather or just have fun, when we play video games. Our businesses also rely on the computers. For example many shops are offering their goods only through the Internet. World banking systems are also based on the computers and our children are using them to learn. Today’s world couldn’t function without the electronic devices for sure.

How deal with it?

For the people that do not tolerate the computer devices, life is really hard. Most of the entertainment is created through the internet media. The only way to deal with high computerization in the world is to accept that and get used to it. Of course we don’t have to implement every new technology into our life, however sooner or later we will have to accept those some of those solutions into our lives just like everyone else. Staying behind the rest of the society will not bring us anything good. On the other hand, we should find the balance between the virtual life and reality. Too much involvement in the computers may cause that we will lose the contact with the reality. Then the situation may be really dangerous.

Kids and computer
The group that is the mostly influenced by the computers and the Internet are of course children. They are really easy to manipulate and because of that they being hurt so often. Nowadays, the dimensions of the Internet’s development are so numerous that it is really hard to follow all of them. Normal person is aware only of the things that are happening around him or her. Considering parents, people that have children should also follow the newest trends among the kids. Only then they will be able to recognize the dangerous things that in the future may cause dramatic consequences. Good relationship with kid is the crucial thing to get any information about him. Nowadays kids are more and more closed to their parents and don’t want to share their problems with them. Keep friendly relationships with the kids allow parents to get more information about them.

How to keep them safe?
Providing the security is one the most important responsibilities of the parents. Parents should keep them safe in the real life as well as in the Internet. Internet security may looks like very difficult thing to achieve, however there is nothing to be scared of. Education is the basic in this case. Well educated kid is fully aware of the all threats coming from the net like, spying, sexual predators or bullying. They should be taught how to avoid these kinds of situations. Parents who are not sure if their kids will follow the safety rules may install parental control software. This kind of computer program is able to set up almost total control over the user’s ability to use to computer device and the Internet. Parental controls can block access to the particular website, filter the email box or even reporting all activities that were performed on the computer.

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  1. I think if everyone is using the same computer and internet connection, another thing users should be aware of is malware infections. Kids might not be aware of suspicious sites that would download trojans or viruses. A good computer technician can do a good job of malware removal.


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