Monday, March 7, 2016

My Fur Baby Turns 7

It was March of 2009 when my brother decided to buy a puppy for their home. So he went to a breeder near by and saw this cute brown puppy but it was already reserved for someone. Went home broken hearted, my bro and niece went back again after few weeks with hopes of getting one.

There they saw this hairy black and white puppy and their hearts melted. They purchased this mix breed dog that we named SOPHIE in 2009. She is half shitzu/daschund breed that don't shed that much. At first, my mom is not ok with the idea of having a dog in the house for she thougth that it might just make a mess with her poo and wee, but she was wrong.

Sophie was quite a handful in her 1st 2 years but she behaved later on and become our darling. Actually, I adopted Sophie from my brother who is having difficulty diving time with her.. Later on she became my baby up to now.

Actually, we didn't know when is her exact date of birth but we just gave her birthday every January each year. Now she's 7! and oh wow she is old now but still loved!

I was out of the country last January so my bro wasn't able to throw a party for her. So when I arrived last Feb 21 from Australia, I gave her a party!

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