Friday, April 15, 2016

Making A Bouquet Of Sweets

Add a little color and fun to any event with candy bouquets that you can make yourself. You can also order them from companies online and add personal touches based on the event. There are a few supplies that you'll need to have on hand before making the bouquets so that you won't have to go off to the store in the middle of your project. Get a few bags of candy bars in various sizes. You will want to mix small bars with larger ones for a fun look and to make it look like flowers. You also need wooden skewers, large foam blocks, decorations in colors and designs depending on the occasion and a container. You also need a glue stick or a glue gun.

Find a container that is large enough to hold all of the candy that you want to use for the event. If you want to use the bouquets as centerpiece for tables, then you don't need to make them quiet as big as something that you would put in the middle of a serving table or the size that you might make to give to someone as a gift. A plastic flower pot is ideal for the container for the bouquet. Glue large candy bars on the exterior of the container so that it's covered.

Add tissue paper in the color of the event to the inside of the container. You will also put the foam block inside the container as this is what will hold the wooden skewers once the candy is on them. Add a bit of glue to the back of each candy bar before adding a skewer. Make sure the skewers are long enough so that you can see the candy bars once the sticks are in the foam. When the glue is dry, you can arrange the bars in a fun design or in a haphazard way so that they look like a wildflower bouquet. Add a bit of shredded paper to the area below the candy bars to hide the foam block before wrapping the bouquet with cellophane. You don't have to add the cellophane if you plan on using the bouquet as a centerpiece as the candy will be used in a short time frame.

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