Thursday, September 30, 2021

4 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens

It can be challenging to plan a birthday party for the tween in your life. Kid activities no longer interest them and they aren't ready for a teen party yet. However, you can please any tween with one of these fun party ideas.

1. Adventure Playground

Turn your backyard into a playground made for adventure by renting several activity stations from your local party rental company. Favorite activities include a bungee trampoline Houston TX, obstacle course, rock climbing wall, slides and carnival games. 

2. Arcade Party

Old school arcade games are back in style! Look around for a party location near you that offers plenty of games for your crew and offers a lunch option as well. Give each attendee a bag of quarters and the freedom to play any game they like. After lunch, give out prizes to the winners.

3. Cooking Competition

If your tween loves television cooking shows, create a competition for them and their friends! Have them compete in creating cupcakes or cookies and decorating them with their own style. For an outdoor option, move the fun to your backyard and have them cook up camp-themed food from a set list of ingredients.

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Almost every tween has access to a smartphone to use in a photo scavenger hunt. Split the group into pairs and send them in the backyard for an hour to check off the items on a printed list you prepared in advance. Creative things to include are:

  • Something that dangles
  • Something red
  • Something that begins with the letter "H"
  • Something that moves

Give a prize at the end for the team that completes the list first and additional bonuses for the teams with the most creative and funniest photos.

Any one of these birthday party ideas helps your tween to celebrate their special day having fun with their friends.

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