Wednesday, November 24, 2021

3 Reasons To Embrace Your Little One's Curiosity

Do you have little ones who are ready to explore the world? Are their fingers itching to touch buttons, pick up blocks and color? Young minds eagerly seek out new things, discovering how items work or wondering about how to use them. Their innate curiosity drives many of their actions and decision and can prove immensely helpful in their development. Harness that drive by working with them on the following three things.

1. Encourage Sensory Play

The expressive behavior of toddlers is more than expected. Sensory play is a vital developmental stage for their cognitive development. When they mold dough or run their hands through sand, their minds learn to adapt to various textures, and their minds become aware of their surroundings and use their numerous senses. As they grow, these activities influence spatial awareness, balance and movement.

2. Practice Following Directions

When your children want to know more--that's great, but they also must adapt to following directions on how to get some information. At home, you could play board games to do both. As they go through the game, they seek out how to win while also adhering to a structure.

If you struggle to do this independently, consider working with a local daycare Julington creek FL where teachers play Simon says and red light green light. 

3. Plan Trips

Kids discover by finding new places, so hop in the car and go to different locations. Head out to the zoo where they could see the various animals. Answer questions about their habitats and behaviors. Go to the children's museum, where exhibits encourage participation and engagement. Visit a state park, walk along the trails and read books about the nature that inhabits the area.

Grab ahold of your loved ones' curiosity, and further it by teaching them it's okay to explore. Let them run their hands through paint. Help them play cards. It's about acceptance and embracing investigation.

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