Friday, April 7, 2023

Finding Ways to Enjoy Long Weekend and Holy Week

Summer is officially here in our country and almost everyone complains of the heat all day. Gone are the chilly days especially in the early morning that we experienced last January and probably around 1st week of February this year. Summer here in the Philippines can be so intense. Imagine, a 34-36 C temperature plus the humidity especially around 1-4 pm can be exhausting. An airconditioned room is the best place to be in for you to combat the heat. While a cold beverage (water is the best) is a way to cool down bec. a heat stroke is not an option for everyone to experience. 

Anyway, it’s Holy Friday today and most of the people are at home because school and most offices are closed for the holiday. While most of the religious Holy Week traditions are done at churches and spiritual places. With that being said, it’s also long weekend and what a great time to bond with the family during this time. While most of my friends and relatives packed their bags and flew to their dream summer destination or take a road trip out of town, here I am with mom and brother’s family stuck in the house. Our summer outing plans are non-existent yet as we don’t usually go for a vacation during the Holy Week but if I found a nice resort for us maybe around end of April or early May we’ll take the time to have some fun under the sun. 

Yesterday, Maundy Thursday was spent going to various churches for our Visita Iglesia as we call it and did our Station of the Cross. The kids opted not to go with us so they just stayed at home for sure they endlessly played online games and browsing the net. These days, everyone is online doing personal or business transactions, ordering stuff, studying, playing, communicating and a lot more. Technology and the world wide web are already very accessible and we are all taking advantage of its usefulness in our daily lives. Also, all of us have different ways to enjoy and find recreational activities that can keep us pre-occupied when we feel bored or if we have spare time to entertain ourselves. I myself, love playing games. I still remember playing Super Mario on our ‘family computer’ machines and even tetris and other games on game consoles. 

Now, playing games online is also amusing most especially if I found an interesting game that can stimulate my mind or have me thinking solving a mystery or what-not. However, a non-complicated game can be engaging as well. We just have to choose what we find enjoyable and worth our time. Just now, found this Flower Shop game and it’s a floral business simulation game where you must swiftly serve customers floral arrangements. There will be customers that will buy flowers arrangements and you need to quickly serve or give their order so they will not leave. 


The level one was pretty easy but as level rises, there are more customers to cater and you need to be fast hahhaha. It’s a simple game but your quick action is needed as there is also a time limit for each customer and once you did not serve their order, they will leave. I need to practice a little bit more to master the game of speed to accommodate all the buyers. 

Found this cute game, Power Puff game named The Powerpuff Girls Panic In Townsville wherein you need to help Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles save the city. Played the game and found myself chuckling when a building collapsed due to my negligence in keeping the meteors destroyed. I’d better step up my game to help them save the city. Definitely will share this game to niece who happens to be a fan of Power Puff girls when she’s still young. I’m pretty sure she will be excited to play this game despite her age being past her teenage years. 

 Once you love a character in your childhoods days, you’ll still be young at heart to play a game or even collect their merchandise with their picture on it. We still have the weekend to have a good rest and play some more since it’s back to work and school come Monday.

 What about you? How will you spend the long weekend?

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