Saturday, April 8, 2023

Me and BTS

It’s already 2 years and 3 months that I’ve been an ARMY (BTS fandom). Just in case you didn’t know BTS is a South Korean boyband and is the No. 1 boy group in the world. It has 7 members : Kim Namjoon (the leader), Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, JungHoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. 

These good looking guys aged 26-30 are not just pretty boys, as they are also composers, producers and talented artists. I came to know them in December 2020 after watching an episode of Ellen Show where they are guests. After watching a video or two of them, the rest is history. I am more than happy to know them most especially when I am at my lowest point in my life. After recovering from COVID and still mending my broken heart from the death of my 11-yr old dog, I came to know them. Their music sooths me, their funny antics made me laugh, their personalities attract me and so much more. Their music brings joy to me and the rest of the fandom. Who would have thought that at my age, I’d still be fangirling and be a K-Pop fan. 

 Music knows no age so I’m enjoying every bit of being an ARMY. I also got to meet new friends with the same interests. Some are half my age while some are just quite near or older than me. Age doesn’t matter because we all have the same love for our “boys”. We love them dearly and will support them all the way.  

They released their PROOF album, on June 10, 2022, 11 months after their latest single CD Butter. Proof is the core of BTS’ history. It’s a 3 CD album introduces three new tracks, one in each CD: “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth”, each in different genres conveying their own messages.  

On June 13, 2022, during their 9th FESTA anniversary since their debut, they announced that they will go on a hiatus as a band and that broke our hearts. It turned out that they will pursue going solo for the time being so they can explore more and expand their musicality. Even though they are doing solo activities, they are NOT disbanding.  


 Right now, one-by-one they are releasing their solo albums, collaborating with different artists and they all became ambassadors of different bands. 

RM- Ambassador of Bottega Veneta 

YOONGI - Ambassador of Valentino and NBA

HOBI - Ambassador of Louis Vuitton 

JIMIN- Ambassador of Christian Dior and Tiffany 

V - Ambassador of Celine 

JK - Ambassador of Calvin Klein  

 Jin the eldest has already enlisted at the military on Dec 2022 and will be out by June 2024. He had released a single album THE ASTRONAUT before he enlisted and it is a gift for his fans, us ARMY! RM (Namjoon), the leader also released his album last year named INDIGO. While Hobi had a mini-concert like performance at Lalapalooza in the US and released a digital album called: JACK in the BOX. 

Jimin, my bias just recently released his solo album FACE and his single track LIKE CRAZY topped No. 1 at the Billboard Hot 100 (April 8, 2023). He is the 1st Korean soloist to have achieved such recognition. Wow, I am so proud of his accomplishments and he deserves all the love and recognition that he is getting right now.  

 Suga, is set to have concerts in the US, Indonesia and Singapore by April till June 2023 and we are just so proud of him. A documentary of his journey is also set to be released. 

   V and JK will be the next in line to release their solo albums and I we’ll support them as well.  

 They also each released Photofolios and I’m proud that I have collected all of the 8. My next project will be is to complete all their solo albums. I already have Jin’s The Astronaut single album and Jimin’s FACE album. Need to save more to get the others: RM’s Indigo and JHOPE’s Jack in the Box.  

 They already received numerous awards, like ARTIST f the Year, Album of the year just to name a few. They also have spoken at the UN and have met US Pres. Biden in the white house. Attended so many shows, performed at the Grammy's and so much more!

  BTS and ARMY have a close idol / fan relationship. The boys usually posts on Weverse to updae or just to say hello to us. They also go on LIVE so we can interact with them.  They also have their personal Instagram accounts except for JK who just deleted his acct. to share their pics or videos for the fans.  

  Hobi is enlisted in the military this April 2023 and eventhough we’ll be sad, we just need to accept that they will all enlist in no time as part of their duty as SK citizen.  

  I am so excited for their individual projects and will be rooting for all of them all the way. My support for them is massive and will not trade my love for them on anything else. from humble beginnings, they are now the most sought after band / singers.

 I’m an auntie (tita) of BTS and happy to be one. !!I will wait for their comeback hopefully by 2025! BTS is here to stay and so am I.

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