Saturday, June 3, 2023

What Do I Most Look Forward Regarding Festa 2023


 Ahhhh... Festa is here once again!! 

 What do I most look forward to this year? None other than, complete Bangtan! To see them all together for their 10th Anniv. will surely warm my ARMY heart as I already miss them dearly. Apart from that, I'm looking forward with excitement to hear their new song, upcoming personal projects, love messages for us, see the smile on their faces, new photos and other Festa '23 announcements and activities. 

Also, I want them to know that ARMYs will undoubtedly wait for their comeback as OT7. Nothing beats the music, love, inspiration, kilig and fun that they have given us over the years. It'll be my 3rd Festa and definitely not the last. I maybe 55 but they make me feel young at heart. 

Borahae ARMYs and Happy 10th to our wonderful boys! 



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