Friday, June 23, 2023

How I Was Able to Fix my Blog

 Last 2 days ago, I was about to look for a particular post that I have published few years back here in my blog but to my surprise it was down !!!! I was shocked and it got me thinking what happened. Here is what it looks like when I tried to open this blog. 

At first, I have no clue what happened but I guess I need to tweak some settings in my server's dashboard and on blogger. Since my other blog A SLICE OF LIFE went down too last August 2022, so I thought I'd do or copy what I have done there. It seems that I need to add a subdomain or put www. before my domain. It means that I need to create a subdomain on my blog. Hoping that it will work, I just experimented. I don't know why I came up with the idea or adding a subdomain but hey it works.

Here's what I did, since my blog works or redirect before without www, I need to add now. 

1. In my blogger settings, PUBLISHING , I clicked the CUSTOM DOMAIN and added www before my domain name; and when I clicked the update button this message appeared. I just followed what it says. (Don't click save bec. it will not really work).

2. I opened my server's dashboard and clicked my domain blog and created a subdomain by adding www. and clicked save.

3. Then on the subdomain, on the right side, click the dropdown menu and I clicked the DNS to add a CNAME record

3. Click CNAME : ADD RECORD host: www and point to click save. 

I made another CNAME record; with the name and host as indicated on the error (in the blogger's dashboard). Yours will be different for sure

4. After that, I went back to my BLOGGER dashboard and on the custom domain I clicked the SAVE button and the error disappeared and it will update since you have made or added a subdomain. 

5. On the Redirect domain on the blogger settings, activate it or turn it ON. That's it!

I waited for an hour or so and boom my 4 blogs are up again. !!!

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