Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My 5 Years of Blogging!!!

Hooorayyyy..I've been blogging for 5 years now!!

I started blogging on January 7, 2005 (not on this blog) using Bravejournal blog format out of curiosity. I saw my online friend Ana PS had one where she is sharing some of her thoughts, photos and more so I thought I can do the same thing. Here's my very 1st blog post at bravejournal.

A year after, I opened an account at Blogger and bought my own domain (here's my very 1st domain personal blog)and found myself hooked into blogging. I met lots of online friends, some of which I have met already in person. An online dear friend CHIKAI, later on on 2007 introduced me to the world of sponsored blogging where I can review products/services or just simply put a link of advertiser's site. At first I was hesitant to try it because I'm not sure if they really pay. I gave it a try and true enough it pays and now I'm loving every work that I do for advertisers.

I already wrote lots of topics from clothing, home products, alli weight loss, health issues, technology and more categories. Some advertisers are generous in their payment while others are too strict with their requirements. With all the hard work that I have done, I bought stuff from my online earnings and I am more than happy, thankful and feel blessed to have been in this business.

With my online business booming, soon enough I opened several more blogs under my wings and I'm unstoppable. Not sure if I can make another one because maintaining is a bit hard. Right now, I can see more years of blogging and I hope you are still here to read my posts.

To all my readers, lurkers, commenters. Thank you very much!!! Now I'm on my 6th yr. :)


  1. Wow. Way to go!
    Congratulations and more power to your blogging career.

  2. wow, that's great! congrats! how many blogs do you have right now? I always see you on top of adgitize leaderboard. ^^

    I just learned about paidpost last december 2008, but we have earned some amount on adsense on 2007. no adsense earnings for me now. LOL


  3. Congratulations on your five years of fruitful blogging, and cheer's to five more :)

  4. Vlad and Fitness Diva.. thank you very much

  5. @Fedhz.. how many blogs do I have.. secret hehe I can still count them with my fingers hehe

    @Vera - thank you wish.. another 5 years for me? Hope so as long as I can still write and get some moolah.. why not..

    wish you also more blogging years


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