Friday, March 19, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

I know every woman would love to have one or 2 pieces of diamonds in her possession. Why not? Diamonds are known to be one of the precious stones in the world and as we all know its woman’s bestfriend so to speak. A good example of a woman who loves wearing them is my sis, can you believe she wears not only one diamonds on her fingers?

I remember before she and her husband got married here in the Phils., her husband gave her a diamond engagement ring that he bought in Australia. Ahhh... of course my sister melted upon seeing it and I don’t blame her bec. who can resist that? I heard that he still keeps on giving her diamonds (real one huh) most during her birthdays and anniversaries. Lucky girl eh? Hmmm.. I think I have to ask her to give me one. Kidding aside, I personally would love to own even just simple diamond ring that I can keep for life, I guess I have to save more for than so I can have one in the future.

Aside from land estates, jewelry has by far for many is a good keep sake and investment. Why not? They increase value through the years as long as it is well taken care of and it is a nice piece of heirloom that you can pass on. Diamonds in particular are very popular among women and sometimes it’s always daunting to buy diamonds just anywhere bec. diamonds can be mistaken for cubic zirconiums and the likes. I reckon it is better to buy them at reputable stores and you must remember the four C's — cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

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