Monday, May 16, 2011

Earning Extra while Tutoring

It's still summer vacation for the kids and it only means that students are at home enjoying, playing and making the most of their school break. My niece who is in college found another way to earn little bit of money that can add to her allowance this coming school opening in June. She's been tutoring students who are challenged with their math subjects. Actually, she's been doing this since last year but stopped for a while when she became busy with her studies (film).

Right now, she’s helping an elementary student with her Math subjects and I know for sure when the school opens those that she tutored can use the knowledge that they got from my niece’s tutoring. I’m sure in the future my niece can easily find a job, by looking on columbus jobs advertisements either as a professor/teacher or whatever career she wants to take. I look up to her very much and I know she’ll be successful soon.

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