Friday, September 14, 2012

Kids and Music

The other day, I heard my 9 year old niece loudly singing at their house after she came home from school in the afternoon. I quickly get up from my sit to see what she is doing and I was smirking when I saw her singing in front of the computer. With headphone on her head she didn't hear me coming so she's a bit shocked when she saw watching her. Apparently she's watching Charice on Youtube singing her own "Pyramid" song. It's one of her fave singers at the moment and singing her songs makes her excited even though I teased her sometimes.

Our family is not that musically inclined but it is nice to see them sing and from time to time play the guitar as what my niece and older nephew are fond of doing. When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to play the piano and the guitar but for some reason after experimenting or tinkering with the musical instruments that we have, it never became my passion or I never grown to love them.

If my nieces and nephews will develop likeness or passion in music then I have to support them especially now that we can purchase music instrument online.

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