Friday, September 14, 2012

Waiting Patiently

Yesterday, I went out to meet a friend at her clinic but I still have to wait for her after she finishes her client. Soon after, we proceeded to the bank to open a joint account that we need for our HS batch’s fund raising. We are both unanimously nominated to do the task and we are honored that they trust us to take care of the money.

I thought that we can just finish opening our account for few minutes only but the new account section was overloaded with other clients so we have to wait. Arghh.. waited for 30 mins for our turn but when it’s our time, our passbook will not be released because my friend only got 1 valid ID and the rest of her Ids are all expired.. yay! We are pleading the tellers to just accept 1 ID because we have also personal accounts in that bank but they are very strict with their rules that’s why it’s not accepted.

I don’t want to come back again today, so I just signed and authorized my friend to get the passbook today after she submitted another ID at the bank. Thankfully, it was released.

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