Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Afternoon Walk

Had a late afternoon snack and early dinner tonight. I was starving at around 5pm so I decided just to buy some chicken joy and chocolate sundae at the nearest Jollibee store near our house.

Sophie thought she's going out when she hear the sound of the gate keys. I talked to her in my calm voice that she's a good girl and we'll go out after I come back from Jollibee. It seems that she understands me that is why she didn;t whine or beg me to put on her leash. She just stared at me while she was seated and throw me some glances when I went out of the gate. I was back so after 10 r 15 mins. so my niece an I hungrily devoured our chickens and I was full after.

I quickly grabbed the keys again and saw Sophie at the window peaking trying to know if we are going outside now. She wags her tail as soon as I reached for her leash and off we went outside. Dogs of our neighbor quickly came to our side and walked with us. It seems that they want some walk too.

We were out for roughly half an hour and while outside we picked some ripe alatires and they are so sweet. Sophie needs some walking from time to time and that makes her so happy.

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